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Having a family is one of the most wonderful experiences in life but the journey trying to achieve this can be a very stressful one. Reflexology treatments during this time can help greatly to reduce stress levels and balance the body and the emotions. Fertility reflexology is a very specialised modality and uses specific techniques and protocols to try to address any fertility issues. I am happy to treat both men and women at any stage of their fertility planning whether it is to enhance their general health before trying for a baby, or because they are experiencing conception difficulties or whether they are undergoing fertility treatment such as IVF, IUI, ICSI with conventional medical practitioners; in this instance I work to enhance the medications and boost the chances of success.

It is important to have a detailed consultation on both the female and male fertility history and if possible to have the initial consultation with both partners present. You will need a longer appointment for this.

Although specific protocols are used it is also necessary to look at lifestyle and diet and possibly make some changes there as well. Menstrual cycle charting and medical testing will be discussed at the initial appointment and are used to measure changes.


A short fertility questionnaire needs to be completed prior to the initial appointment.

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